Fajita Taco Place, 1816 Thompson Place


First, the name. On my first review as The Tacoist, I stumbled upon a place with the word “fajita” in its name. Of course, I didn’t try the fajita tacos because I’m eating breakfast tacos here.

Second, the salsa bar. Yes, Fajita Taco Place on the southwest side — on Thompson Place basically across General McMullen from Kennedy High School — has a salsa bar a la Taco Cabana. The dark red sauce had flakes in it suggesting it was made from guajillo, ancho or another dried pepper. The second and third hottest being a standard green sauce and ranchero sauce. The bar also offered taco accessories jalapenos and pico del gallo.

My taco order: bean, cheese and bacon; chorizo and egg; and carne guisada with cheese. This is going to be the hardest part about reviewing these restaurants — figuring out what to order. I’ll probably have to conscript a taco crew for Review #2 and have everybody order something different.


These tacos were just plain good — not bad and not great. The tortillas were your standard homemade flour tortillas. They weren’t as fluffy and powdery as I prefer, but tasty nonetheless. The carne guisada was well seasoned and had all that flavor from all of the bits that come from the braising process. AND, the carne guisada wasn’t fatty, which I appreciated. The bean in the bean, cheese and bacon — because, it’s really the beans you’re judging — were nice and buttery. And the chorizo and egg was more chorizo than egg and not greasy at all.

Fajita Taco Place, 1816 Thompson Place, (210) 432-8506

Worth traveling across town for
Average S.A. taqueria. Some hits, some misses
Mostly misses

Benjamin Olivo

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  1. Are they owned by the same folks who own Fajita Taco Place that’s been on DeZavala Road about decade or a little longer?

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