Los Magueyes, 3743 Pleasanton Road


Not all breakfast tacos are going to be camera worthy. This was the case at Los Magueyes on the South Side, where I ordered a papa-chorizo, country a la ranchero, carne guisada and bean and cheese.

That said, we all know you can’t judge a taco on presentation and appearance alone. Unlike other culinary plates, I don’t mind if a breakfast taco looks thrown together as long as the taste is present. But even that was hit and miss — mostly miss — at Los Magueyes.

The edges of the potatoes in the papa-chorizo had that nice browning indicating that they were cooked to crispiness. But they were cooked to crispiness way before they were put in my taco — the edges had a hardened, rubbery texture to them. And they needed more seasoning.

The Country a la Ranchero was that classic sausage and stringy onions in a tomato sauce that every kid growing up in San Antonio remembers from elementary school. I’ve forgotten which day the sausage was served — Wednesdays were enchilada days, and I don’t remember much after that. To some, the sausage will bring comfort. And for me, it was fine. But I wanted more coarse pieces of onion and peppers in the ranchero sauce.

The carne guisada less chunky and perhaps too shredded. It needed more stew as it was kind of dried out. The bean and cheese taco was serviceable.

I must also point out that the edges of the tortillas were hardened. So the taste was there, but the texture not so much. So I wasn’t crazy about the tacos at Los Magueyes. The service, however, was very good.

Los Magueyes, 3743 Pleasanton Road, (210) 922-2118

Worth traveling across town for
Average S.A. taqueria. Some hits, some misses
Mostly misses

Benjamin Olivo

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