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Tacoist taking a (long) break

Dear loyal readers of The Tacoist,

First, I must apologize for this post’s ambivalence. This isn’t goodbye. It’s also not like I’m taking a short break, either. However it ends up, I must put this blog on hold.

Simply put, I don’t have time.

When I started The Tacoist a year ago this month, I was unemployed and looking to start my own media outlet. Start with writing about tacos, I thought, and go from there. I envisioned one of the best food blogs in the country just focussed on San Antonio’s unique culinary offerings.

In January, I started doing some work for Folo Media, my current employer. That part-time work evolved into a full time position as managing editor of Folo Media, which reports on inequality in San Antonio.

Why not juggle?

They may not seem like much, but one taqueria review takes about 8 hours to complete. Two reviews a week, plus another 8 hours for website maintenance (I won’t bore you with the details), time for social media, time for marketing, time for doing features, time to edit freelancers and other contributors — and being The Tacoist is a full-time gig.

A review here and there isn’t going to cut it. It hasn’t cut it. And my sporadic postings are not doing our taco culture justice. If I can’t be consistent, I’d rather not do it at all.

HOWEVER, I will continue to eat tacos in restaurants across San Antonio. And I will post pictures on Instagram (less time consuming) — all the while taking notes, biding my time for a relaunch in two or three years, hopefully.

There are so many tacos to eat and critique, so many stories to tell about the people behind these restaurants, I don’t want to kill this blog. I just need to set it aside for now.

Thank you very, very much for reading. The No. 1 goal every journalist should aspire to reach — it isn’t the Pulitzer Prize or the adulation of his or her peers — is a certain kind of bond with readers. I wasn’t around long enough to build this relationship with you, but I appreciate you reading nonetheless.

For now, Godspeed and eat tacos.

(By the way, I was in Austin last weekend and went to three of the supposed best taco places — not very good! Store-bought tortillas seem to be the norm up there.)

–30– (with cheese)

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