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Benjamin Olivo
Former downtown reporter, columnist and blogger at the San Antonio Express-News. Born at the Nix. Went to Jeff. Grew up in that neighborhood during his elementary and middle school years, and with his grandma on the West Side near Castroville and 36th Street during high school. His other grandmother was a South Sider. They both fed him copious amounts of tacos growing up. These are his credentials.

Wally Perez
Taco Writer
Wally, The Tacoist’s first intern, is a student at San Antonio College finishing up his last semester in pursuit of an associate degree in journalism. He plans to transfer to Texas State University this fall. He started his journalism career at SAC in 2015 with The Ranger newspaper, and currently is a reporter and illustrator. He’s held positions as features editor, calendar editor, photographer and editor-in-chief. He’s a native of the Rio Grande Valley and enjoys movies, music and video games in his free time.

Cynthia M. Herrera
Taco Writer
Cynthia, The Tacoist’s second intern, is proud of her roots and Mayan heritage. Her mother and grandparents are from the small town of Halacho, Yucatan. She’s currently senior at Texas A&M University-San Antonio and she’ll be the first in her family to graduate from a university. She’s obtained two associates degrees from San Antonio College — one in journalism and the other in photography. While at SAC, she served as Assistant-Managing Editor and Editor of The Ranger newspaper. She longs to live her life telling other people’s stories using video and photography. Her biggest dream is to eventually travel in a Volkswagen camper van with a camera in hand. In her spare time she enjoys antique and vintage thrift shopping with her family, scavenging her way through small towns in search of hidden treasures.

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