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Mr. P’s, 1601 Guadalupe St.

Mr. P’s, located in the heart of the West Side on Guadalupe Street, is not a taqueria or a truck or even a trailer. It is, I guess, what one would call a souped-up taco stand.

Efrain’s Food Market, 1222 Saltillo St.

Good barbacoa, carnitas and papa ranchera in an old school setting, Efrain’s has been around since the 1950s.

El Santos, 1419 Castroville Road

Taquerias like El Santos can be frustrating because they seem all over the map in the quality of what they do. Located on the West Side…

Isela’s Tacos, 3650 Culebra Road

The name of the place is Isela’s Tacos, but it should be Isela’s Wonderful Tortillas. What filled the tortillas was good to very good, but the…